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Home > Industry Information > This generation of HIFI's flagship is a bit "not a business", taking pictures is the biggest surprise - Vivo Xplay6 detailed test
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Home > Industry Information > This generation of HIFI's flagship is a bit "not a business", taking pictures is the biggest surprise - Vivo Xplay6 detailed test

This generation of HIFI's flagship is a bit "not a business", taking pictures is the biggest surprise - Vivo Xplay6 detailed test


First, out of the box, appearance 2, hardware specifications and performance, game three, charging, battery life, screen performance, Qu Ping (focus)
V. Performance of mobile network, WIFI, GPS, etc. VI. Photographs (emphasis)
VII. HIFI (Key Section)
VIII. System Section 9. Conclusion

Preface, Xplay
Whether or not users like blue and green plants resisted, it is undeniable that as long as OPPO had been making mobile phones for a long time, it made DVD players to make HIFI devices in Europe and America and swept millions of thousands of dollars. In 2012, vivo began to introduce the SRC+DAC HIFI chip+independent op amp to the mobile phone to start the mobile phone HIFI era. After the first vivo x1 test water, vivo began to specialize in the Xplay product line from 2013. Over 3 years, it has been successively 5 products. , Continuing to consolidate and lay the unshakeable leading position in the field of HIFI mobile phones, unlike most players in blue and green, the low price and high price are easy to be played by players. Xplay's products of each generation have attracted widespread attention in the area of ​​HIFI players and have been well-received. Second-hand deals are also hot. Nowadays, there is a considerable proportion of player portable playback devices that have certain requirements for the sound quality. Players no longer carry players or even bundles, and only one mobile phone with HIFI characteristics is used together with a better-quality earbud or easy-to-use device. Push the folded headphones, this convenience is not experienced in the past when the package stuffed tablet, e-books, mobile phones, players, amps, mobile power, a variety of chargers and data lines ... can not understand, HIFI The phone liberated the bags of music lovers and made it easy to enjoy high-quality music on the go.

The following chart clearly shows that the Xplay series is unmatched in configuration. Other important indicators such as chips, screens, cameras, batteries, and the like outside the HIFI are almost the same as those of the same generation at the time of release. There are also a large number of additional highlights in addition to the main features. In the case of updates, I have always felt that the Xplay series is a blue-green conscience. The following table also put Lao Luo's one-on-one hammer M1L on the spot. HIFI partially parallels the red because the dual-ES9028 and single-ES9038 personally feel that they have their advantages. The op amp part is the same with three ICs. The OPA1622 is not improved but it is correct. There are indicators of progress, so the Xplay6 hardware specifications alone win.

First, out of the box, appearance

1, the outer box is flat, minimalist, and now all the popular style:

2, the back of the label paper is actually a bit broken packaging color with ... a bit discordant

3, on both sides of the bottom of a security tamper sealing tape, send the test machine are covered with a red chapter seems to be to prevent the media to send low-cost test machine to affect the market, right?

4, after the opening of the cover, there is also a special reflective area inside the phone with VIVO label:

5, the top can only see the phone body:

6, Xplay seems to be not only the HIFI but will take pictures and music as the main:

7, Open the OPEN label position to open the upper floor, the original floor of the original another:

6, about two boxes:

7, the family portrait, the left side of the thin box is attached to the two original cover protection cover and guide, warranty card, etc.; the right side of the thick box is the phone, data lines, headphones;

8, quick guide, warranty card, card pin, etc.:

9, this part of the middle cover is the data line:

10, charger, and Xplay5 exactly the same, support 5V or 9V 2A, although Xplay6 claims to support QC3.0, but does not support 12V charging, use a third-party QC3.0 charger is also the largest 9V 2A charging only:

11, standard XE680 earbuds in 2016 in vivo released a new flat plug, resistance 32 ohms and the original half in-ear XE600i the same, but the sensitivity 109db, frequency response range 20-22000Hz than the XE600i 100db, 20 -20000Hz has improved, the market price is about 150 yuan, compared with the vast majority of mobile phone's distribution quality is still clearly outstanding, but the estimated number of people to buy this mobile phone does not use this piece of stuffed to listen to:

12, the data line is very common Microusb line,

13, different from the Xplay5 and Mate9 silly large rear cover protection shell, Xplay6 comes with two different colors of the feel class leather delicate silicone protective shell, workmanship material feels quite good:

14: The buttons and the interface part of the protective case border adopt a slightly thin and obviously softer material to ensure the keys are effortless and the back case is easier and better protected. The keys and interfaces are not scratched:

15. On the screen, the factory protective film is printed with the operation diagram and instructions for installing the SIM card and the following clipping card tips:

16, thanks to the fingerprint front and more curvature and extension of the curved screen, mobile phone body front view is much more rounded than the Xplay5, Yan value more in line with the majority of people's aesthetic:

17, back four corners are also significantly more rounded than the Xplay5, twin-lens and dual-color temperature flash arranged vertically, the antenna with imitate Meizu and Apple, the overall more hidden, more harmonious:

18, the factory has attached a good screen protection film, although the non-tempered film, but the docile nature of the current solution should be the best, it is perfect, and is said to have a good anti-fall effect, but of course, scratch resistance is far worse Steel film, this angle can also see the so-called four-curved screen arc effect, and the white border is actually very narrow and even narrower than the S7EDGE, but the metal frame is highlighted and the screen is wider than the S7EDGE black edge There is a bit of a gap between the expansion of the screen and S7EDGE, which is certainly a lot bigger than the so-called double screen of Xplay5:

19. On the right side of the front earpiece, there are 16 million pro-active components. The black on the left side can be seen as the distance and the light sensor, and the left side of the left side panel is the hidden pro- fill light:

20, after the shot is a major highlight of Xplay6, the top of the main camera is S7/EDGE IMX260 export model IMX362, is currently the most powerful camera on the market, the following is the depth of the 500-megapixel photo, The following is a two-color temperature light, IMX362 is now reportedly hot millet 6 should also be adopted, Samsung's exclusive period appears to be, SONY can export, 2017 estimated more domestic mobile phone flagship will use this camera, take pictures more Domestic mobile phones can be easily played with Iphone7/plus with no shortness of breath, and the following photo evaluation section will be analyzed in more detail. This is not mentioned here:

21, the right side of the phone frame is the switch button and volume keys:

22. On the left, there is only one SIM card slot, and the gap and color difference processing are perfect:

23, the bottom is a single-side speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack and unfortunately does not use Type-C still use the microUsb jack charging data hole:

24, boot screen, from Samsung S6edge or S7edge the same section online 5.46 吋 2560*1440 resolution Super AMOLED screen effect is worth looking forward to, by the way, to view the official website forum reply information, the official customer service after the implementation of a clear reply to this phone Using the Gorilla 5th generation external screen, which is again a top level, Qu Ping reached a nearly 6mm better than the domestic first double-screen Xplay5, also significantly better than the millet note2 and mate9pro, but with the S7edge 7.9 Mm still has gaps:

25, after the bright screen compared to the S7edge black edge or a little more, but there is still a clear improvement over Xplay5:

Out of the box is here

Second, hardware specifications and performance, games

1, Xiaolong 820 everyone is very familiar with, AIDA64 system configuration information listed, here to say, whether the main camera video stabilization support for electronic image stabilization is not optical image stabilization, optical image stabilization is a physical structure design non-electronic upgrade Sensitivity is not detected with egg anti-shake:

2. The performance test section ran a lot for comparison. The first thing after the individual's own mobile phone was bought or tested was fully tested, and the same environmental method was used as far as possible (such as controlling the heat of the mobile phone running process). So running points can often be a bit higher than the average user's mobile phone, but my own evaluation is to be able to do cross-reference has a lot of reference value, run a very large number of maps, just grab a few pictures do not waste a precious 100 Zhang map resources, it is worthwhile to say that in the control of temperature but not hot under the circumstances of the Xplay6 and one plus three optimization similar basically fully played the hardware potential of 820 Android 6 run sub-projects are almost comparable and contrast 821 machine There is no difference between the models and the limit score of the 821 model under the same control temperature conditions. The actual experience of personal use of multiple 820, 821 mobile phones provides everyone with the opinion that the 820 821 chip can be completely tangled, and more. Can consider mobile phone manufacturer's optimization and other factors, two chips daily use if not the extreme running points no one can distinguish the difference:

3, directly on the table, with the Z2Pro Zun version of 820/6G+128G optimization is not very good, in the latest ZUI2.5 (Android 7.0) firmware more restrictive than the 2.3 firmware, the frequency, even at the temperature In the fully controlled case, it is also basically running at 1.8G. The repeated test runs have a clear gap with Xplay6, and Hass 960 is really tough. Geekbench's CPU single-core performance especially multi-core performance is far ahead, and GPU performance is also better than In the past, there has been a dramatic increase in the gap with the 820:

4, Xplay6 and Mate9 have adopted USF flash memory, Xplay6 uses UFS2.0 version, androbench sequential read 426.88MB/s, sequential write 165.68MB/s, far higher than the Z2P exclusive version of 108MB/s and 16.9MB/s, but sequential reads were significantly lower than 577MB/s for Mate9 with UFS2.1. However, the writes were significantly higher than Mate9's 139MB/S, and random reads and writes were substantially overtaking Mate9, especially Randomly written, 4003.62 IOPS is about half of 1511.31 IOPS for Mate9.

5, the game test will inevitably try a few models only to support the 60-frame mode king glory, the higher the frame rate in the game operation and the game must be no small promotion, Xplay6 and Iphone7, etc. White frame mobile phone setting interface will appear high frame rate mode button, open after the actual measurement in addition to individual menus and loading interface, the game is basically stable at 60 frames, the fluency has obvious perceived increase, the master showdown, then the operation level is close The player's frame rate is almost decisive:

6, in addition to the king of glory also tested the NBA2K17, the city drag racing 8 and other large-scale games, the same Xiaolong 820's performance is sufficient for high-effect full frame smooth running:

Third, charging, battery life

1. Charging Although Xplay6 is said to support QC3.0, but in fact it can only be charged up to 9V 2A, the measured open screen is less than the maximum 1.4A, off the screen is 1.86A or so, plus 4080mah large capacity, charging from 0 to 100% The time is exactly 2 hours.

2, the life of the battery life and use the same conditions as I used to test the same conditions of a MTV video 1080P MP4 format, the brightness is set in the illumination meter around the 80lux illumination (most mobile phones 30% brightness up and down), insert the earphone 2/3 volume, Xplay6 has achieved outstanding endurance results, up to 23.7 hours longer than the S7edge's 20.1 hours, and the maximum brightness also reached 18.6 hours greater than the S7edge's 14.9 hour lead (but the maximum brightness Xplay6 is lower than the S7edge), while The tested Mate9 performance in the non-Amoled screen phone is also very good, respectively, reached 17.8 hours and 9.5 hours, the maximum brightness under more than 50% more than 40% of millet, Z2Pro enjoy because of the same amoled and small screen, life is more than a plus 3 Good point
The Pcmark score is also blue because the three machines have adopted the latest working 2.0 life test, the load is strengthened, and the remaining 4 machines are the results I achieved in the previous 1.0 life test, so they are limited to these three models. In the work 2.0 Xplay6 screen power consumption advantage is offset by the power advantages of the Kirin 960 chip, the final Xplay6 and Mate9 results are almost exactly 9 hours, while the Z2Pro less 1 hour, taking into account the Z2Pro down-clock personal assessment One plus three and millet 5 with high work 2.0 may be around 7.0, 8.5 hours.

Daily integrated application of power consumption individuals in 4G standby 8 hours (night sleep background, WeChat, QQ online), landlords 30 minutes, urban madness eight and 30 minutes, Taobao Jingdong browsing and shopping for 30 minutes, microblogging post bar 30 minutes, what is worth Buy 30 minutes, Kindle e-book app 30 minutes, take 50 photos (including 10 flashes) and look back for 20 minutes, video recording for 10 minutes, NetEase cloud music MP3 playback for 30 minutes (off screen), telephone call 30 Minutes, car navigation for 30 minutes, King Glory for 60 minutes, DSD lossless music playback for 60 minutes (off screen), online video TV play for 60 minutes, total lighting time is more than 6 hours, total standby time is about 18 hours, and electricity is 100% To 21%, 8 hours of standby time, 30 minutes of reading e-books, and 30 minutes of telephone calls are the lowest power consumption of only 2%, and the king of glory consumes 19% of the highest power consumption in an hour, so if you are a serious online game player Xplay6 About 5 hours or more, the normal screen-based use of the screen is expected to be 10 hours +, even if the DSD lossless playback of music playback because of the support of ES9038 native hard solution, It consumes about 4% of electricity in an hour, which is difficult to achieve for many non-destructive HIFI players.

Fourth, the screen performance, curved screen

1, white and color performance, more obvious Iphone7 and mate9 warmer color, and Xplay6 cold, Z2Pro relatively moderate, but in fact most people like the cold color also often means that the standard is not enough .... color color performance Xplay6 is good :

2, three primary colors, Xplay6 and Z2P two amoled screen presents a high saturation, high contrast characteristics, do not comment, color problems personal preferences:

3, proofs can be seen clearly Xplay6's color palette looks better, the sky is more transparent:

4, but the color of the complex and contrasting scenes of light and shade, although the trend of oversaturation will please many people's eyes, but there is distortion, inaccurate tendency, of course, Samsung S7edge is also inevitable, but the color S7edge slightly better than Xplay6 :

5, visual angle test flat view, in fact, four mobile phones are adjusted to the same illuminance, the naked eye to see the same brightness, but amoled screen seems to have a more bright feeling after taking pictures:

6, in a variety of side perspective test, Iphone7 still found good performance, and mate9 there are several obvious light fade and discoloration phenomenon.

7, Aunt Apple app under the horizontal maximum and minimum brightness, the following picture for the four mobile phones are all adjusted to the maximum brightness, obviously Xplay6 maximum brightness is darker, this Xplay5 also exists, although there is an automatic upgrade under the strong light in the outdoor mode, but It is undeniable that the maximum brightness of Xplay5, 6 is still relatively low:

8, the lowest brightness, Z2P performance is best, the use of feelings and S7edge almost, lying in bed at night, the lowest brightness of the environment will be more comfortable to use the phone, and the minimum brightness of Xplay6 and mate9 are a bit high, the night at full brightness minimum brightness use time Longer will also feel more tired:

9, Xplay5 no song screen application at that time, only the screen down on the table when the call will be lit on both sides of the Qu screen breathing shaped marquee only purely gimmick, and Xplay6 finally ushered in a real side screen The application, unfortunately, is more than just a side screen to increase shortcuts, shortcut contacts, etc., and there is no S7edge ruler, etc. It is very suitable for curved screens.

10, Fortunately, in addition to Amoled models common extinguishing screen clock, Xplay6 has a night clock that is the application of curved screen clock:

11, at night can easily see the time on the bedside phone screen, but there is a problem is that the brightness of the night clock is adjusted very low, so basically no way to use during the day, can only set the time for exclusive use at night:

12. Extinguishing the clock will automatically change the display position like S7edge to avoid burn-in:

V. Mobile network, WIFI, GPS and other performance

1, mobile network does not appear Xplay5 early firmware signal is good but the transmission rate is not normal, the same position Huawei mate9 Unicom 4G signal strength fluctuations in 79-86, and Xplay5 is also 80-87 only, the difference is minimal, than a Plus 3 Z2P slightly better, but better than the hammer M1L is at least two levels (M1L stable in the same position is best only about 89dbm, basically in 91-97 fluctuations ...), the actual transfer rate test a few The basics are slightly better than mate9. It seems that the baseband should be more stable or better compatible.

2. WIFI performance is one of the best handsets I have ever used, and Mate9 (WIFI performance is also good) is one of the worst points in the signal of my home. It is about 8 meters away from the router, wearing two walls. Most of the time, Xplay6's signal strength is between 55-60dbm, while Mate9 is mostly at 60-70dbm. Handshaking rate Xplay6 is stable at 384-520Mbps, while mate9 is between 114-325Mbps.

3, GPS open area in the case of a mobile phone network in the case of cold start seconds, up to 19 stars even in the indoor balcony on the WIFI connection can also be positioned within 3 seconds, and can be seen up to 31 stars, connecting up to 12 The Beidou includes our country:

Six, camera part

Xplay6 compared to the previous generation's biggest bright spot change is the camera, so this part of the key analysis, Xplay6 uses the IMX362 specifications and rumors and actual results confirm that it should be exactly the same with Samsung S7/S7edge 12 million pixel camera components, this is a current Most cattle B's single component dual pixel sensor, each pixel can be used for imaging or focusing at the same time, further improving the quality and focus speed, while the single pixel area is also higher than the same 12 million pixel iphone6s 30% higher Achieve 1.4 micron, and the lens part Xplay6 and S7/S7edge are also exactly the same F1.7 large aperture lens and support optical image stabilization, the entire system is estimated that Samsung's program is fully exported, night imaging capability is extremely alarming, faster focusing speed , borrow the S7/s7EDGE official publicity map:

Xplay6 with IMX362 is already sufficient to ensure that even in 2017 is enough to take the best mobile phone first tier, but on the basis of S7/S7edge vivo gives powerful reluctance has added a separate 5 million pixel depth of field assistance The lens formed a dual camera combination different from the Iphone (two lenses with different focal lengths) and Huawei (the main lens + black and white lens), and the proactive use of a combination of 16 million + front-filled lights made it almost become Comprehensive camera is the best experience, the shortest mobile phone camera.

1. There are night scenes, ultra clear (composite high pixels), document correction, motion image stabilization (electronic mode to increase the sensitivity to reduce the shutter time), professional camera (manual mode see the right side of the figure below), slow motion (high speed photography) Normal speed playback, time-lapse photography (interval exposure photo mode), professional mode exposure compensation, sensitivity, shutter speed, white balance, focus mode can be controlled independently, there is a viewing guide line, electronic level optional, and the other part You can choose to open the photo watermark (although the watermark seems to be too similar to Huawei, some photos below can be seen):

2, many color filter modes, divided into portraits, Japanese, film, style, gourmet 5 categories:

3, ultra-clear mode because it is synthesized 4 times higher pixels (double long and wide pixels), many models have very early, personal measurement did not find a significant increase in the quality and fineness, so I feel little meaning, The upper part of the figure below is the normal mode, the following is the super clear mode, and the center part is enlarged:

4, automatic mode of indoor still life photo test at dusk, the focus is to choose a small hand to do, compare models mate9, iphone7
Indoor evening in the fully automatic mode iphone7 white balance is slightly cold (the "value" of the Friends of the sun under the comparison to see if you know), and mate9 is too warm, Xplay6 performance is the most accurate; exposure iphone7 just, Mate9 is somewhat high, Xplay6 slightly owes a little

5, the same scene after half an hour is still fully automatic to turn on the fill light after the dark light mate9 before and after the fill light exposure effect is best, the white balance is relatively accurate; and the white light balance under the light Xplay6 warmer One point, the vision fill light exposure effect is less than mate9; Iphone7 background is perfect, the foreground is over exposed, the white balance is slightly cold:

6, Xplay6 dual camera blur mode, adjust the electronic aperture (simulated electronic aperture can be from the smallest F16 to the maximum 0.9) effect, under the large aperture of the Satan he should not be ambiguous, his back on the right side of the middle of a black corner To blur out, it shows that the algorithm still needs to be optimized:

7. Compared with similar functions of mate9, because Xplay6 electronic aperture has no F4 option, and mate9 is under this mode, aperture F4, so adjust Xplay6 electronic aperture F5.6, it can be seen that both of them are false and it is the same place. It can be seen that these types of post-generation algorithms are similar, although the two dual cameras are different (Xplay5 is the depth of field sub camera, Mate9 is the black and white camera) and it is not the same as the iphone7P (bifocal sub camera), but 7P Many scenes will also appear to be ambiguous and wrong. I hope that this late-stage algorithm is getting better and better. After all, the effects of the large aperture blur are still chased by:

8, first focus after taking pictures, dual camera mode photos can be arbitrarily selected focus and change the electronic aperture, the design of the scene focal plane consistency and blur effect is still relatively perfect:

9, document correction function to facilitate the shooting of books, homework, save, but vivo this feature is more primitive, is a simple intelligent cutting edge and paper color, etc. for some post-optimization, and can not correct the angle, text direction, distortion, etc. We hope that there will be more powerful evolution in the future, so that the application of this function is more extensive and convenient:

10, continuous shooting mode, professional or automatic mode does not let go when you hold the shutter, will automatically high-speed continuous shooting, taking about 2-3 seconds to take 20 consecutive pictures, the speed is quite fast, but also thanks to the IMX362 powerful dual-pixel full imaging full focus , Even if the night fool automatic continuous shooting success rate and quality is very gratifying, the following is the night with his son to release fireworks in a continuous shooting, professional mode, then manual focus setting infinite distance coke shoot high-altitude fireworks is also very suitable, but unfortunately When I think of it, the high-altitude fireworks at home have been radiated.....

11, Hengping photo, mainly compared to the participation of the machine or Huawei mate9 and Apple iphone7, ZUK Z2PRO that does not come from the slag cargo photographs (in fact, originally borrowed his colleague's S7edge but he returned home after the first month of home visit 15 can only start to come back, so too late , but S7edge I used to use, my colleagues' mobile phones are often used before, so the effect level is pretty good), the order of the photos are Xplay6/Mate9/Iphone7, most of them have partial artwork, use the automatic mode, manual selection for fairness The same metering focus:

(1) The overall performance of the three under Scene 1 is quite good. Xplay6 and Iphone7 have better white balance and colors. Xplay6 is slightly better than iphone7 in details. Although mate9 is better than Xplay6, it is still better than Iphone7. It's very gratifying. Seeing last year's plus 3 IMX298 single camera adjustment performance is good, now the new flagship machine has been able to gradually smash the iphone7's camera:

(2) Under this large scene exposure mate9 is more bright, but the LED screen and light box area is overexposed too, Iphone7 control is better, Xplay6 in between, the details are still better Xplay6

(3) Food Scene 1. The details of the details of the three are not significantly different at close range, but the white balance Xplay6 still maintains a similar and more accurate performance to Iphone7. mate9 is always yellowish:

(4) food scene 2, mate9 white balance ugly .... Xplay6 continue to maintain and iphone7 in the white balance of the advantages, and this scene's automatic exposure accuracy Xplay6 is also a bit better than the iphone7, iphone7 some exposure to lead to sushi The grain of rice is somewhat blue:

(5) The blue sky under the sun at noon, iphone7 blue is very eye-catching, but with the naked eye to see the difference is too much, xplay6 and mate9 performance restore better, and from this scene you can see Xplay6 main camera in addition to the largest outside the aperture F1.7 The wide-angle perspective is also a bit bigger; it is worth mentioning that the details of the mate9's picture center near the light scene is better than Xplay6 and iphone7:

(6) Backlight off HDR (this scene process accidentally touched the iphone7 lens should have fingerprints, causing glare, came back to export the photos to find):

Effect after HDR is turned on:

HDR performance on the two domestic Android flagship has a very good performance, compared to close HDR case mate9 exposure is higher, so Xplay6 open HDR after the effect of even more amazing.

(7) Late night, three mobile phones in the automatic rather than the night mode screen brightness Xplay5> mate9> iphone7, also caused by high light part of the overflow exposure area is this order, automatic mode night view I think domestic mobile phone Can learn under Apple's tuning suppression under overexposure, properly reduce the ISO also helps to better control noise, another detail to be noted is IOS391 1/16s Xplay6 overall exposure than mate9's IOS1250 1 / 16s higher, fully withdraw the IMX362 this photosensitive element large photosensitive pixel area and large aperture powerful capabilities, in the professional mode to control IOS and exposure compensation, Xplay6 night scenes do have the same level and S7edge.

12, proactive self-timer does not like makeup and rarely self-help home leadership to help take two, home export comparison found Xplay6 set a self-timer automatic mirror, so the direction is not the same, the following figure is Iphone7 screen fill light no post And Xplay6 close beauty mode but open the fill light self-timer, we can see, even if the iphone7 is closer to the face but the screen fills light far less than the front of the vivo fill light "soft light self-timer" effect is good:

This group is Xplay6 front camera beauty mode open, beauty settings default; with the iphone7 self-portrait after the fool simple mode Mito Xiuxiu repair map comparison:

After evaluation, Xplay6 does have powerful and even possible integration of the current strongest camera capabilities, not only IMX362 and depth of field dual camera, and the front of the 16 million + soft light self-timer fill light temporarily no one can match.

Seventh, HIFI part

The ES9038Q2M is a mobile version of ES9038, the latest generation of flagship ESS chips. However, unlike the ES9038PRO desktop version, which has the highest signal-to-noise ratio at 140dB, the mobile version has decreased (of course, the mobile version of other models also generally declines), and the signal-to-noise ratio is 129dB. However, it is also better than the 124dB of Xplay5 Ultimate ES9028Q2M, and the OPA1622 also has improved total harmonic distortion compared to the previous generation 1612 data. Theoretically, it should have better performance.

However, after all, the difference in parameters is not large, plus Xplay5 Ultimate (non-standard version) uses a dual-ES9028Q2M+3*OPA1612 HIFI3.0 program, although there is no professional testing methods and methods do not understand the difference in subtle parameter changes, but According to professional evaluation Xplay6 Xplay5 compared to Xplay5 in the quality of HIFI and there is no essential improvement, ES9038Q2M greater evolution comes from the native support DSD hard solution, this point in the battery life test DSD music playback power consumption of only 4% can be a good proof .

HIFI test part is not sufficient due to the New Year's factors, probably only intermittent for more than 2 days, the focus is on portable folding headsets, compared with SONY F886 and Apple IPC portable player devices and Iphone7 equipped with innovative portable one machine, The selected track is a personally familiar 320k MP3, FLAC lossless, DSD lossless format.

The mobile phone settings voice section can enter and open HIFI, DSD support options, HIFI settings can be set to apply HIFI app, generally is of course I music and video, and also supports common third-party music playback software, but lossless format or use I music It's good, HIFI mode only works when the headset is plugged in:

First talk about I music player, use QQ music resources, interface function seems to have no changes (I used to use more than 3 months earlier Xplay5 Standard Edition), download the resources within the app of course cover posters, lyrics match to There is nothing wrong with it, but the vast majority of the songs that you have copied are not automatically matched with cover or match errors.

The BBE audio support can be turned on in the player sound settings. A few earphones can be loaded in the preset mode. More can be selected for general use and adjusted according to your preferences. Of course, many HIFI fans prefer to hear no sound effects.

When inserting a headset with I music to play DSD, it will prompt DSD professional mode to enable HDD playback, and DSD mode will lose the HIFI mode, and your default BBE audio effects will be useless:

Listening Test Personal Comments:
Let me first talk about two small "problems" that may not be the problem:
(1) Xplay6's firmware plugged into headphones or earbuds will automatically detect resistance and other indicators matching to what it considers suitable volume up and down regulation, which is of course a smart evolution and applies to most general earbud headphones not too problematic, but for a few may be special Headsets, in particular, may be tuned to the maximum volume without the thrust of the actual equipment. I think this aspect should still provide a switch that allows the user to open and close.
(2) DSD hard solution professional mode voice processing system is exclusive mode, the system will not receive the sound, etc., have some impact on the user.

Thrust: Because last year spent a few months is the Xplay5 standard version and not the ultimate flagship of the HIFI3.0 three op amps, so test Xplay6 is very satisfied with its thrust as a mobile phone, a variety of portable folding headphones and hand each Kinds of earplugs are very easy to push, more obvious than the SONY F866, compared with the IPC is not inferior, but I do not know is the automatic matching set the volume of the upper and lower limits of the relationship or as a mobile phone even if equipped with 3-way OPA1622 is still unreliable Compared with the portable amp, the situation is still inferior. If you must listen to the big ears, you may need to find some good models.
Sound field: compared to the improvement of thrust, the individual is more surprised is the change of the sound field, with the iphone, hammer M1L and xplay5 Standard Edition, Xplay6 sound field horizontal and vertical are obviously open, a lot of listening comfort loose, and the sound closer For example, Aunt Cai also seems to walk a few steps in front of you. The vocals and instrumental music are closer to the ears. The separation of various instruments is also much better than that of ordinary mobile phones. The low-end portable player in the brick is also clearer, but if there are more songs with low frequency drums, vocals and accompaniment are still mixed, the HIFI mode can be improved, vocals are more prominent, and of course mixed Mobile phones and portable players like the F886 have similar problems and are more serious.
Tenor: Several portable folding headphones are mainly used for evaluation. High-end performance is quite satisfactory. There are no special surprises. The ue900 has a problem with the high-frequency part (the latter part of the sound is said). The mid-range thickness density is very good and the high-low tone convergence is very good. The state is also well controlled.
Bass: The low frequency is outstanding in the tri-band, and the quantity and quality are sufficient. However, for some landlords who don't particularly like the sensation, some songs feel a little irritating. The reason is that the old age is too big. After all, I love rock or black. Leopard Tang Dynasty in the era of the sky.
The Xplay6 personal overall tuning style is obviously not female poison or ACG, but is more conducive to omnivorous and biased male voice, female bass and pan popular, jazz, rock and other styles, instrumental music, symphony is not a personal preference range did not do comparison test And reviews.
Sound effects: However, the UE900 earbuds are somewhat strange in the Xplay6's Hifi mode. There are many high-frequency glitches. Turning off the sound or the DSD mode has improved, but it is still rather strange. The AKG Q460 K451 and the value of the Friends of the measured Lumensonian C45 performance And the teeth, DN16, etc. are perfect, this phone seems to be more suitable to push the ring or ring iron instead of multi-unit moving iron (but because the hand only ue900 a multi-unit moving iron earplugs can not be determined).
DSD: Seeing other evaluations and hard solutions There are problems with DSD hard solutions that require a soft solution, but I have screened dozens of DSDs at hand, including domestic and foreign copy-in and playback, and found no problems. DSD is non-destructive compared to WAV, The advantage of lossless formats such as FLAC and CD is that the sampling rate can reach 176KHz, while the WAV etc. can only be 44.1 or 48KHz at the maximum. The higher sampling rate means that it can accommodate more sound details and have a more complete and clean sound floor. Compared with non-DSD, the comparison found that the details are more detailed and the background is purer. Moreover, it is found that the DSD hard solution and the use of PowerAMP player software solution DSD hard solution are actually more abundant than the soft solution details and the background is cleaner (Of course this To quiet the environment, familiar with the original song and sampling high enough works also have a better ear or earphone). DSD Hard Solution The excellent power consumption of 4% per hour and 128G large capacity space make HIFI players who are pursuing the ultimate sound have the premise of enjoying DSD music with mobile phones.

Overall, Xplay6 is still better than other mobile phones and Xplay5 Standard Edition in terms of music playback, and the overall quality can be a substitute for portable players and some low-end national tiles. The thrust is still insufficient compared to portable amps. Although the volume is loud enough but the sound is not fully played out, but it is more suitable for a variety of portable folding headsets with the mobile phone is no pressure to perform basically the same with the top basically no difference, although with the Xplay5 Ultimate HIFI3.0 dual DAC phase Each has its own merits, but the ES9038's hard solution DSD capability is outstanding. Personally, if you already have Xplay5 Ultimate, players may not need to consider changing Xplay6, and users who want to eliminate portable players or bricks are completely recommended to go to the store and bring their own headphones. Listening, most people can simply buy Xplay6 with a mobile phone to go out to listen to music without the national brick, portable release.

Eight, the system part

1, FuntouchOS3.0 except butler part and 2.0 change little, but the list of fine shots is a waste of pictures, or to mention once is vivo's electronic manual and after-sales service query is very convenient and intuitive, it is worth referring to other manufacturers

2, FuntouchOS many interface and operating logic, key combinations and even icons have obvious imitation of IOS traces, but this can not be considered a disadvantage, after all, mutual integration, Apple is also learning from Andrews more and more, Andrews machine tribute IOS is also quite a few:

3, do not disturb mode vivo is a better point can be set to automatically enter the cycle time, SMS can automatically add custom personalized signature, these two features are not too many other brands of mobile phones, but the actual use of more convenient and practical :

4, split screen operation, support for split-screen operation of about 20 or so, most of the video software, although the split screen for some users may be very important, but I personally feel that the significance is not great, after all, Mobile Phone Screen 5.5吋左右还是太小了,ipad pro上的分屏才真的有实际意义一些:




Nine, summary

8、作为发展3年多的第5款旗舰手机,各种顶配没有采用821芯片倒是绝大多数人不会在意、也感受不到821和820微小频率提升带来的跑分差距,但2016年底上市仍然NFC缺失和没有采用Type-C接口、仅支持最高9V 2A的快充规格很是遗憾,硬件规格上的完美仅差这么一点点。



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